Hello, it’s been a while since I last blogged, so I’ll get right into it.

What’s in your client’s mind when you present a version of the solution? Do new things come up that was not mentioned before? Do you go “I told you so” in your mind?

Well, I recently had all three thoughts come to me. As simply technologists, which is what a BI developer is generally, there are several roads that lead to Rome, and you choose the most logical and straigtforward to begin with. In my case I knew that we needed to have two different entities for the project, a “client” and a “case”. Therefore, it makes sense to separate the two because of the 1:N relationship – a client can have more than one case attached to him.

However, I was told that the client and the case are one – because traditionally, there was only one ID assigned to represent both. Granted, I acknowledged that it should now be a 1:1 relationship between client and case and designed the database schema as such.

At the next meeting, I presented my schema and lo and behold, there could be more than one case attached to a client. …

I think often the client very much wants to keep what’s working, not to change anything too much, in this case the ID that they are working with. However, logically, it just didn’t make sense and as a BI developer, it is my duty to explain so. In the end we decided to adopt a combination of ClientID and CaseID.

The good thing is that nothing is built yet. I am a proponent of sorting these things out on paper rather than in code so alls well.

Next step is to include other users in the process so that I am not caught out with my design.


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