Top 11th Quality: Curious to explore different designs

There are many ways to achieve the same thing. Before actually getting your hands dirty, think and do some high level designs, then choose the best one. They need not be perfect, and the beauty of it is the more experience you have, the faster you come up with designs. The downside of experience is to stick to the same design all the time without asking if you can do it better.

Top 10th Quality: Knowing that Nobody’s Perfect

There isn’t a perfect design. Don’t let perfection stop you from moving. You’ll learn as you go along. Start with the basic that works and refine till it’s almost perfect. Thing is business requirements will change at some point so it will never be 100% perfect.

Top 9th Quality: Possess the ability to see it through

Have you started something but never finished? Sometimes DataWarehouse design gets so complicated that you wish you never got started. Break it down into manageable chunks which you can finish. Gain a sense of achievement as you go along.

Top 8th Quality: Willing to learn

Nobody knows everything, and you will probably know a lot more after you finish the project. Hence never stop learning. Sometimes you wish there is a better way to accomplish something and usually there is. Search online or follow blogs, sometimes you will see better solutions which is within reach.

Top 7th Quality: Flexible

BI Projects needs to be flexible, it is their nature because we human beings process data in a certain fixed sort of way. So building a car can never preceed inventing the wheel, for example. Hence the DataWarehouse supporting BI Reports need to be flexible to accommodate these changes.

Top 6th Quality: Know the importance of Buffer time

Always give yourself and your users buffer time when scoping out projects so you don’t end up in a time-sensitive problem. As a good manager once told me, give yourself at least 1/3 extra time in your projects. I thought that was very good advice indeed.

Top 5th Quality: Provide constant regular communication

Between you and everybody else really. If you work with co-developers, they need to know what you are doing. Users and managers definitely need to know so as to manage their expectations. More communication -> less project anxiety -> less time pressure on yourself. Furthermore, if any business changes happen in the meantime, you’ll be quick to pick it up.

Top 4th Quality: Attention to detail

BI / DataWarehouse development is a case where little detail can mean huge changes later on. “So you missed out the requirement that the sales data need to include shoot location. Hang on, what do you mean we didn’t capture shoot location? We go live next week.” – BIG trouble…

Top 3rd Quality: Possess a problem solving mindset

If you reach a spot and don’t know what to do next, that’s the end of it. A problem solving mindset and the ability to see it through ensures that with time, anything can be done. That is a prized quality in any developer.

Top 2nd Quality: Insists on clear requirements

After reading many articles and books, one cannot emphasize enough how important clear requirements can be. If your foundation is not built strong, everything else above collapses. Make sure this is done properly.

Top Quality: Know why you are doing it

I always have an email or write it down somewhere why I am doing this project. It could be stated as an objective in the requirements document. Basically, if you know why you are doing what you are doing, when things go wrong, or just a little off track, you can review this and get back on track. Even if you are progressing well, you should look at the objective and reevaluate.

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