Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Multiple Rows In Demand Forecast Table [FORECASTSALES] for each item

Why are there multiple rows for each item in the Demand Forecast Table in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

This is helpful to know for BI for cubesĀ that aggregate the data in the [FORECASTSALES] table.

Basically the overview line and each exploded line of the sameĀ item is stored in the same [FORECASTSALES] table. Therefore, if any measure in this table needs to be aggregated per item, filter out just the overview rows. You can do this by filtering the column [EXPANDID] = 0.

This is the Demand Forecast entry form which has 3 exploded lines.


This creates 1 overview + 3 exploded line rows in the [FORECASTSALES] table.


Note that the EXPANDID column contains the RECID of the overview line. Therefore to filter out just the overview line, set the filter to [EXPANDID] = 0.

Extra information:

Here are the FREQCODE of each allocation unit period:

  • Day = 0
  • Month = 1
  • Year = 2

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