In my experience, code quality always trumps urgency because when code has been released that has questionable quality, it is inevitable that bugs appear and the project takes longer than it should.

In my case, because the code belongs to a 3rd Party vendor, this frustrates the developer, business users and ultimately end customers.

This is where the negotiating skills and experience of the vendor Project Manager is so important. The client PM (in my case is one of us) will always put pressure to get the code as soon as possible mainly because of company pressure. And sometimes the vendor PM, on consulting with his peers, agrees to push through the code, even by-passing tested and true in-house processes to get things moving along. However, the result is almost always that the code disappoints when the client developers try to use it. This hurts the vendor’s reputation even more.

Sometimes, it is better to commit to follow the tried and tested process so that code quality can be guaranteed. In other words, a little more time, a lot less problems, and a lot more satisfactory results.

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