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Why I cannot download .pbix files from

If like me you thought “Hey, it’s a new feature, I can finally create reports in service and then when I need to mashup with data from other sources, then I just have to download the Power BI desktop file (.pbix), do my mashup and then publish it again.”, then you are sorely mistaken. 🙂

I tried to download one pbix file but got this error message:

Basically you would need to check that your report/dataset does not fall into these limitations:

  • To download the file, you must have edit access to the report
  • The report must have been created using Power BI Desktop and been published to the Power BI service, or the .pbix must have been uploadedto the service.
  • Reports must be published or updated after November 23, 2016. Reports published prior to then are not downloadable.
  • This feature will not work with reports originally created in the Power BI service, including content packs.
  • You should always be using the latest version of Power BI Desktop when opening downloaded files. Downloaded .pbix files may not open in non-current versions of Power BI Desktop.
  • If your administrator has turned off the ability to export data, this feature will not be visible in the Power BI service.

Refer to

I wish you can be able to just simply start off in and then download the .pbix file later when you need to but not at the present moment it seems.